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Forbes Solutions Ltd is a leader in implementing Helpdesk Solutions which are available as outsourced solutions for our Clients. We have the logistics and facilities whereby teams of our Support Engineers are based on site to provide the level of support required by our clients.

 Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Minimisation of resources
  • Cost effective as clients do not need to maintain a full fledged IT department
  • Variety of skilled staff as per the requirements of clients
  • No need for investment in specific technical training

 Below are some of the services that Forbes Solutions Ltd is able to offer clients in an outsourced maintenance Contract:

  • Installation, deployment and commissioning of equipment (migrations, and integration of systems on the Local Area Network)
  • Supporting end user applications and operating system software: Installations, upgrades and software replacement can be performed on a day to day basis depending on the organisation structures and user requirements.
  • Providing Warranty replacement services, sourcing and supply of spare part items, accessories and peripherals as and when the client requires.
  • Maintenance, Repair and replacement of faulty equipment: All hardware reconfiguration, replacement or repairs can be carried out either on-site at a laboratory/workshop where a full time engineer is equipped with the necessary equipment and software-testing application to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair IT equipment. Other complex repairs and maintenance can be forwarded to our engineering team at ForbesSolutions
  • Backup services through standby equipment to reduce downtimes and provide better response times.